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IRC Country Information Sheets – K-P

IRC Country Information Sheets

Comparative Analyses & Tables

Comparative analyses

Download the following comparative analyses :

  • Comparative analysis on the evaluation of prosprective adoptive parents, 2019, EnglishFrench and Spanish.
  • Comparative analysis on the right and terms of access to origins, 2018, EnglishFrench and Spanish.
  • Comparative analysis on Agreement that the adoption may proceed Article 17 c) of the 1993 Hague Convention, May 2018, EnglishFrench and Spanish.
  • Comparative analysis on Intercountry Adoption Breakdowns, 2017, EnglishFrench and Spanish.
  • Comparative analysis on the financing of Adoption Accredited Bodies and challenges faced: searching for promising practices, 2015, EnglishFrench and Spanish.
  • Comparative analysis on open adoption: The current situation and views, 2015, EnglishFrench and Spanish.
  • Comparative analysis in impact new technologies on the adoption process, 2015, EnglishFrench and Spanish.
  • Comparative analysis on the age of adoptable children, 2014, English, also available in French.
  • Comparative analysis on the age limit fo prospective adoptive parents, 2014, EnglishFrench and Spanish.

Your may also access as an appendix all the information received from the consulted countries:
appendix Iappendix IIappendix IIIappendix IVappendix Vappendix VIappendix VII

  • Comparative analysis on interdiction of independent adoption, 2010, English, also available in French.
Comparative tables

Download the following comparative tables :